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EU recognizes systematice murder of Ukranians, but still says it wasn't "Genocide." News Team

The EU has finally recognized what is is now calling the “Holomodore,” the mass murder of Ukrainians by the Soviet regime under Joseph Stalin. However the EU still contends that it does not constitute “genocide.” The EU also declined to call it a “Holocaust,” instead using the term “Holomodore” coined by an American historian James Mace.

The Ukrainian government has sought have the Ukrainian Holocaust during the early 1930’s given the same international recognition that the Jewish Holocaust of WWII has.

The EU contends that the murder of Ukrainians was not “genocide” because they say it was politically motivated, not ethnically motivated.

The Russian government maintains that the Soviet regime under Stalin was a “criminal regime,” which killed millions. But committed murders against many people and didn’t single out Ukrainians. Russia also maintain that Stalin did in fact orchestrate an artificial famine for the purpose of eradicating select certain population groups.

Ukrainian towns and villages that failed to meet Soviet quotas were “blackboarded.” All food supplies were cut off to the areas so the people would die of starvation. The effort was part of Stalin’s plan to force Ukrainians to abandon private ownership of land.

However, Russia opposes recognition of the events as “genocide” for fear that it will be politicized and/or used to seek reparations against the current government of Russia.

The Ukrainian president says that 10 million Ukrainians died, including one third of the residents of the village he grew up in.

In France, Germany, and Canada it is illegal to question the Jewish Holocaust.