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Experts warn of 'bandwagon effect' News Team

Blacks will vote their race as we see happening all over. Black voters back Obama 99 – 1 percent. His support in the black community is about as close to unanimous as you can get. A total of 88 percent of American voters say they are “entirely comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” having a black President, but 9 percent are “somewhat uncomfortable” or “entirely uncomfortable.” And 86 percent say Obama’s race won’t affect their vote.

From Yahoo News

If John McCain’s supporters are hoping for a “Bradley effect” bounce on Election Day, some pollsters and strategists say they may have another thing coming. Beware of the “bandwagon effect.”

While the Bradley effect posits that some white voters who tell pollsters that they will vote for a black candidate often have second thoughts in the voting booth, the “bandwagon effect” suggests that a small but significant number of persuadable voters will decide at the last minute to go with the winner. As with the Bradley effect, the “bandwagon effect” is hard to measure or prove.

Pollster John Zogby is skeptical of the bandwagon theory and says voters always say it’s someone else who votes that way. “‘No, no, no, not me,’” he said they say. “’It’s the stupid people across the street.’”

“It’s not at all stupid to rely on consensus,” she said. “If everyone’s saying that a particular restaurant is horrible, are you going to insist on going there yourself? The idea that we shouldn’t turn to others for help in decision making is kind of dumb in some ways.” Even if we won’t admit it. “Some people are proud of being a racist,” said a Democratic strategist. “Nobody’s proud of being a lemming.”

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