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Far-left Boston Globe faked anti-Palin story. News Team

Once again a left-wing news agency has been caught fabricating a story to promote the far left. has run stories about the Boston Glode-Democrat in the past, because of their vicious left-wing editorial board.

From Boston Herald…

The headline on the Boston Globe-Democrat’s editorial page, “Wasilla Made Rape Victims Pay,” says it all.

All wrong.

The Globe-Democrat yesterday asserted as fact that “during her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, the town started charging rape victims or their insurers for rape kits.”

But the truth is that there is no record of a rape victim ever being charged for a rape kit by Wasilla; there’s no evidence Mayor Palin knew about the policy or took any action on it either way; and no record of a victim’s insurance company being charged by the town.

How does an alleged “newspaper” make such a claim without any facts whatsoever?

The story is old news in the new media. Left-leaning called it “a nasty and untrue rumor.” National Review’s Jim Geraghty, who has written exhaustively on the story calls it “unsupported by the facts.” But at the Obama-Uber-Alles Boston Globe, they call it “news.”

We have come to the point in the media’s treatment of Gov. Sarah Palin where even the fig leaf of pretense is gone. The press has openly chosen sides and has stopped apologizing for it.