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Jorg Haider dies in one man vehicle accident. News Team

Jorg Haider, Austria’s most well known right wing leader, has reportedly died in a one man vehicle crash. His death comes just days after the Austrian right-wing won a record 29% in Austrian national elections.

On September 28th, the Austrian parliament swung dramatically to the right. The Austrian Socialist Party fell from 35% to 29%. The right of center Austrian People’s Party took 26%. A coalition of two right-wing parties, The Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future Party, campaigning on halting 3rd world immigration took a combined total of 29%. The Marxist Green Party took 10%.

The victory prompted the Austrian People’s Party to break it’s ruling coalition with the Austrian Socialist Party, and enter negotiations with the two right-wing parties.

Jorg Haider had served as governor of Carinthia, a province on the border of Swizterland and Slovenia, multiple times. He served from 1989-1991, and then again from 1999-present. In the September 28th election, the right-wing duo of parties received 46% in Carinthia.

Haider was one of the most vilified politicians in Europe, despite being very popular among the populace.