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Kirsten Brydum: Her own friends won't talk about how she died. News Team

Photo Right: Had Kirsten Brydum used any common sense concerning race, she would still be alive.

(by Kyle Rogers)

Kirsten Brydum was traveling across the country with an Amtrak pass and an old bicycle. She was meeting with fellow Marxists around the country and campaigning for Obama. Fresh from protesting the RNC National Convention, she arrived in New Orleans by train. While bicycling around New Orleans’ all black 9th ward ghetto to campaign for Obama, she was shot in the head. Residents would not even call the police to notify them that a dead white girl was laying on the sidewalk. Her body laid in the streets for hours until a construction crew drove by and noticed her.

Even the New Orleans police issued a statement saying “robbery does not appear to be the motivation.” All evidence suggests that she was murdered simply because she was white. Brydum was a big name in the extreme far-left San Fransisco Marxist scene. Immediately the cover up began.

San Fransisco Staff reporter Rubenstein declared that she died in a “robbery” while on “vacation” in New Orleans. No one goes on the the 9th ward for a vacation. People go there for crack binges. Rubenstein’s article was not a factual reporting of the story but a coverup of what really happened. His article was in turn picked up by other California newspapers.

Across the internet, the far-left blogosphere, continues to praise her for her far-left activism. Not one mention anywhere that she was the victim of a racially motivated murder. Not one mention that she was bicycling in a violent black ghetto to promote Obama.

It is quite amazing to see the legions of young Marxists praising her online, yet covering up how she really died at the same time. It is remarkable how schizophrenic the Marxist mindset is. As a recent issue of Science Now Magazine says, it is amazing the “mental gymnastics” people will use to avoid mentioning race.

The article in Science Now says that avoiding the issue of race is “counter productive” and “impairs cognitive abilities.” Well Kirsten Brydum was cognitively impaired for sure. Her friends, equally impaired, seem eager to go down the same road. How many more white Marxist activists will we find murdered in black neighborhoods before any of them wake up?