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Left-wingers openly call for shutting down the government if McCain wins. News Team

A variety of manifestos are circulating the net and being posted on far-left websites. They state that Bush stole the election twice and McCain is planning to steal the election. The messages claims that McCain has zero chance of winning without cheating. Never mind that mass election fraud is being uncovered across the nation and it is 100% all from the pro-Obama left-wing.

The messages call for Obama supports to rush to Washington DC and “shut down the government” if McCain is declared the winner.

From Democratic Underground

We should be prepared already to immediately travel to Washington, D.C., head straight for the White House, occupy Lafayette Square Park, the Ellipse, and surrounding streets, block entrances, and shut the place down until Obama is recognized as the president elect or we are guaranteed a credible election with universal registration and hand-counted paper ballots.

We may be there for days or weeks or months. But we must be there. We must be there by the millions. We must show each other, and the nation, and the world that we have had enough, that we will not stand for one more stolen election, that we will not give in to fear, lies, theft, and intimidation. If they choose to attack our nonviolent gathering of citizens, let them do it right in front of George W. Bush’s White House with the world’s media watching. We will not back down.

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