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Mounting Evidence of mass pro-Obama voter fraud! News Team

A pattern is emerging across the nation. On one hand states are being flooded with suspicious voter registrations. On the other hand pro-Obama groups are filing lawsuits to block the ability of states to verify the legality of the registration.

We reported earlier that the Nevada officer of ACORN, a socialist organization closely tied to Obama, was raided by Federal agents for allegedly submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registrations.

In Georgia, state election officials are being swamped by a relentless barrage of voter registrations. Many are being rejected outright as obvious frauds.

Now a group of pro-Obama organizations have filed a lawsuit asking the Federal government to halt the purging of fraudulent voter registrations in Georgia.

Specifically, the lawsuit wants the state of Georgia to stop verifying the citizenship status of those who register to vote! The lawsuit claims that Georgia is violating the Voting Rights Act by attempting to verify that registrants are actual citizens of the United States!