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Obama citizenship update. News Team

Photo Right: Obama dons Muslim garb while in Kenya to campaign for Jihadist uncle. Obama’s grandmother has alledgedly stated that Obama was born in Mambosa, Kenya. In 1981, Obama identified himself as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim.

To date, Obama has still refused to produce his birth certificate despite at least three lawsuits. Obama is fighting the lawsuits on the grounds that it would violate his privacy.

The lawsuit filed in Philadelphia by Attorny Berg has resulted in the Judge declaring that Berg has no standing to challenge Obama’s eligability. A ruling which is general used by Judges as an excuse to make lawsuits go away.

Berg is certified to practice law before the US Supreme Court and has filed appeal requesting that the Supreme Court take up the case.

Berg contends that Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States. Obama was an Indonesian citizen as a child. His mother sent him to Hawaii when he was ten.  Assuming Obama went through proper immigration channels, Berg argues that Obama is a naturalized citizen, not a natural born citizen.

While in college, Obama made a mysterious three week visit to Pakistan. Obama has never explained what he did there, but he entered Pakistan with documentation saying he was an INDONESIAN CITIZEN (NOT AMERICAN), and a MUSLIM! The Obama campaign claims that non-Muslims were not allowed enter into Pakistan at the time, so he had to pretend to be a Muslims.

This claims is 100% false. Obama went to Pakistan in 1981. At that time, Pakistan had a much larger western tourism industry than they do today. At that time, non-Muslims were not only allowed to visit Pakistan, but they were allowed to buy and drink alcohol in the hotels that catered to Western tourists. For Obama to claim he had to pretend to be a citizen of another country and practicioner of different religion to enter Pakistan at the time is completely false.

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