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Obama's Rotten Acorn. News Team

The Obama campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN to “register people to vote.” ACORN has been convicted of committing voter registration fraud in six states! Why did Obama give almost a cool million to group, to “register voters,” who’s very name synopsis with voter fraud!

Afterwords, OBAMA failed to report the monetary exchange to the FEC! The Obama campaign now claims it was an oversight, and are filing an amendment.

ACORN, easily the largest international Marxist group in the Western Hemisphere, is currently under investigation in at least 11 states. The are accused of embezzlement and voter fraud on a massive scale. It is widely believed that ACORN leaders think Obama will protect ACORN from further prosecution if elected. Obama has been closed involved with ACORN for over a decade.

National Review Article on ACORN.

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