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Obama/DNC fail to provide birth certificate before 30 day time limit. News Team

The Obama campaign has failed to produce his birth certificate for a Philadelphia court within the 30 day time limit.

Attorney Phillip Berg believes that Obama was born in Mombosa, Kenya. Berg says that Obama is not actually eligible to be president. Others contend that Obama would still be eligible, however his credibility would be destroyed if it was proven that he had been lying about his birth.

Allegations that Obama was born in Kenya stem from several factors. A) His grandmother in Kenya has publicly stated that she attended his birth at a hospital in Mombosa, Kenya. B) Barack Obama has refused to disclosed any records of his birth, whereas McCain disclosed everything he could when questioned about his birth in Panama. D) Obama is fighting lawsuits in at least two states now to avoid being forced to produce a birth certificate. E) The Obama campaign has made conflicting comments about which hospital he was born in. F) No one can find any record of his birth at any hospital in Hawaii where he claims he was born. G) When author Jerome Corsi flew to Kenya to investigate claims that Obama was born in Mombosa, soldiers stormed into his hotel room, arrested him, took him back to the airport and made him leave the country.

Supporters of Obama have posted what they claim is his birth certificate online. However, what they have posted is not an actual birth certificate and is missing all the signatures that are required on a real birth certificate. In fact there is not even a single signature on the alleged certification. There is also not a single official stamp. There is also a black line where the documents id number is so there is no way to verify it. The document has no creases and appears to be in mint condition despite the fact that it would have to be 47 years old to be authentic.

In fact, now the alleged Obama birth certificate posted onto left-wing websites has evolved into different versions! One early version has a typo. Yet a brand new version began making the rounds recently that has two very pronounced crease marks that previously did not exist. You can also see part of an official seal, which is not present in earlier version. Suggesting that the hoaxers are trying to fix problems with earlier versions. Other websites claim that the rasterization of the fonts on the various alleged certificates indicates that they were created on a computer graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop.