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Obama's peace-loving supporters. News Team

Photo Right: A 7th grade girl is bullied and called a “racist” at her public school for not supporting Oboma.

Reports of pro-Obama vandalism are popping up all over the nation. This one is from Desert Springs, California.

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Pro-Obama vandals cause $4,500 damage to a car with pro-McCain stickers. Police are investigating it as a hate crime.

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In Orlando, Florida a 12 year old girl is being bullied and called a “racist” by black students at her public school for not supporting Obama.

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In New York City a middle aged woman was attacked by a huge black man while she carried a McCain sign. A few months ago a middle aged woman with a t-shirt reading “Jews Against Obama,” was attacked by four black teenage girls.

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As reported a few months ago, a young white couple was assaulted by two large black men as they entered a tavern in St. Louis. Just minutes before the pair yelled anti-white slogans followed by “when Obama gets in we is taking over.” Police are still looking for the perpetrators of the attack.