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OBOMINATION BOMBSHELL! Obama groomed by the black power / black Muslim movements. News Team

More information about Obama’s political grooming is being unraveled. Leaders of the black power/ black Muslim movement have been mentoring him since his early twenties.

Percy Sutton was Borough president of the Borough of Manhattan in 1965 and lawyer for Malcolm X and other controversial figures of the black power and black Muslim movements. Percy Sutton raised money to help pay for Obama’s education at Harvard.

Obama also has close ties to American-born black Muslim Khalid Al-Mansour. He was the American lawyer for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. He was also a close mentor of Bobby Seal and Huey Newton, founders of the militant Black Panther Party. Al-Mansour has made violent speeches telling American born black Muslim that god wants them to destroy the white man.

Al-Mansour is believed to have given Obama money for Harvard as well. Al-Mansour currently refuses to be interviewed about it.

[youtube QpnaZj6Bx1c]

[youtube 4EcC0QAd0Ug]