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Pentagon betrays more American workers. News Team

Photo Right: AM General employs highly skilled Americans at plants in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

The United States Pentagon added to America’s unemployment and declining wages due to outsourcing. They sent a contract for 1,000 new Humvees to PAKISTAN! AM General employs thousands, but has seen the sale of it’s military-inspired civilian SUVs plummet due to high gas prices.

Obscene gas prices have decimated the American auto industry. Even as the Feds prepare to spend a Trillion dollars bailing out banks, they aren’t thinking twice about putting another nail in the coffin of the US auto industry. The Pentagon has also given military contracts to other foreign nations, most notably China and Israel.

Humvees are normally produced by AM General in South Bend, Indiana. Pakistani radicals don’t even appreciate this gift from the Pentagon and are protesting the manufacture of a US military vehicle in Pakistan. Pakistan is a Wahhabi Muslim nation. The most radical of the three major Islamic sects. Pakistan was one of only two countries in the entire world who held full diplomatic ties with the Taliban.

From Pakistani News Source…

Pakistan’s seven-year association with the United States’ “war on terror” has moved to a new and dangerous level: the US has given it a contract to build 1,000 Humvees for use by troops in Afghanistan against the Taliban-led insurgency.

The fact that Pakistan is now providing the hardware for the “war on terror” is a highly sensitive issue, given the already inflammatory situation that exists in the country over Islamabad siding with Washington in this fight against terrorism.

Asia Times Online has learned that Pakistan’s Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) has been given the order for an undisclosed sum for the Humvees – high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles. HIT, located 35 kilometers to the west of the capital Islamabad, is the leading engineering and manufacturing center for the armed forces in Pakistan, with a workforce of over 6,000.

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Recently the Pentagon granted Efraim Diveroli, a 22 year old Israeli immigrant with a criminal record, with a 300 Million dollar contract to provide ammunition for troops in Afghanistan. Diveroli supplied them with corroded 40 year old ammo in rotting packaging from former Eastern Bloc stockpiles. Some of the ammo came from stockpiles that NATO had already deemed “unreliable” and paid millions to have it destroyed.