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Presidential Election 2008

From St. Louis CofCC

We hear people on the right ask; who can I vote for. Leaders on the paleo-conservative right are correct in saying that both McCain and Obama are traitors to the Constitution and don’t represent the will of the people. Every poll shows that what the people want in masses the government rejects and does what it wants to do anyway.

Now third parties are great but because there is no media exposure and there are so many of them, your protest vote won’t mean a thing. If we had one huge third party then we could make a difference. This particular year Ron Paul would have made that difference if he had been on the ballot November 4. The media exposure of Ron Paul would have overshadowed the other third parties.

McCain and Obama are terrible but to think in general terms is deceptive because one of them is going to win. The old saying is the lesser of two evils is still evil. True but in specific terms like the Supreme Court, Gun Control, Abortion, and Affirmative Action there is no contest. Excuse me but yes, there still is a difference that could affect your everyday life and it’s not worth the risk to find out otherwise in this particular election.