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Pro-Obama & Pro-Gay Marriage activists wage campaign of widespread vandalism and intimidation in California. News Team

From ABC Affiliate in California…

Tensions are running high over election 2008. In California there are growing number of dirty tricks, vandalism and threats of violence. Carmichael resident Marge Otto had a McCain sign in her front yard. She found a threat written on it “Bleep McCain, Bleep you, vote Obama or die.” The message was handwritten, along with a warning that her house would be vandalized if she dared re-plant her lawn sign. Marge’s family was intimidated and convinced her to remove any political placards.

The increasing number of attacks are becoming more bold. And they are not limited to presidential politics. In San Jose, supporters of Prop 8, which would ban gay marriage in California, were victimized by graffiti vandals who didn’t like their message. A message was written on their car which read “Bigots live here.”

A California Republican Party spokesman says this is the most vicious campaign in ten years. Hector Barajas, California Republican Party Communications Director says “Stealing of lawn signs, setting them on fire, keying people’s cars, ripping off people’s bumper stickers. Throwing bricks through someone’s home. All very dangerous acts.”

The Democrats agree, it’s getting out of control. Tania Morgan, an Obama Campaign Volunteer says “it’s too bad that there are people out there who feel that this is an appropriate thing to do.”