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Race riots breaking out in Israel. News Team

Yet another example of failed multi-culturalism.

From Fox News…

For three decades, Azia Abu Ali, an Israeli Arab, would chat with her Jewish neighbors and sometimes visit their homes.

The civility was wiped out by four days of rioting earlier this month by Arabs and Jews in this northern Israeli city, which has long been touted as a model of coexistence.

Arabs smashed Jewish shop windows. Jews hurled rocks at Arab homes and burned three. By week’s end, 14 Arab families had fled their homes and were unsure when, or if, they would return.

The Acre riots showed how quickly tensions between Jews and Arabs in ethnically mixed towns can erupt, at a time when such mixing is growing in a number of Israeli cities.

The riots in Acre, a mixed town with a 30 percent Arab minority, began when an Arab resident, Tawfiq Jamal, drove into a predominantly Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. He was picking up his daughter, who was visiting her fiance, according to neighbors.

Israel comes to a virtual standstill on Yom Kippur, but many witnesses said Jamal was driving recklessly, listening to music and smoking in violation of Sabbath rules, according to police. His behavior was considered a religious slight and he was attacked by a stone-throwing mob.

When rumors spread in the Arab old city that Jamal had been killed, some Arabs rushed to the scene to clash with Jews. Others smashed Jewish shop windows.

Police arrested 80 people, and rioters damaged 40 shops and 120 cars. A week later, the city had put up 14 Arab families in hotels until they could return to their homes.