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Racially motivated killing of white Obama campaigner?!? News Team


Photo Right: Kirsten Brydum is described as a “free spirited community activist” by friends. She was apparently shot in the head for being white, while campaigning for Negro presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama.

A 25 year old white female Obama campaigner was riding her bicycle in a virtually all black neighborhood of New Orleans. She was on a “cross country trek” to support Obama. So brainwashed by multi-cultural propaganda that this “community activist” thought nothing about venturing around a black NOLA neighborhood after dark. She was SHOT IN THE HEAD, and he body was left lying on the sidewalk.

Apparently it didn’t matter that she had come all the way from San Fransisco to campaign for Obama. She was just another white victim to the local residents. No local residents would even call police to report four gunshots or that a dead body was laying on the sidewalk. Her body sat for hours until it was seen by a construction crew that was in the area to gut houses damaged by Katrina.

Take a minute to imagine what would happen if a black woman campaigning for Obama had been found shot in the head in a white neighborhood. THIS WOULD THE LARGEST NEWS STORY IN THE WORLD!

Update: The San Fransisco Chronicle has posted a shameless and transparently disingenuous “tribute” to the murdered girl. Even though the New Orleans police have explicitly stated “robbery does not appear to be the motive,” the San Fransisco Chronicle used the headline “activist slain in New Orleans robbery.” Then it has the audacity to say she was “on vacation” in New Orleans! Who takes a vacation in a Hurricane ravaged all-black ghetto with possibly the highest murder rate in the Western Hemisphere?

The whole story is an obvious attempt by the paper to cover up what really happened. The Chronicle makes no mention that she was campaigning for Obama, even though her friends all say she was. The paper does however praise her for her far-left activism, including protesting the 2008 Republican National Convention. Finally the paper refers to the area in which she was killed as a “tough” section. No mention that it is about 95%+ black. The tribute is written by left-wing staff writer Steve Rubenstein and is not a factual news item, but a deliberate attempt to downplay and cover up the true nature of the murder. Imagine if a black Obama supporter was murdered in a white neighborhood. Rubenstein would be screaming for blood on the pages of the Chronicle.

Update: At least two dozen left-wing websites, many based in San Fransisco, have posted online tributes to Kirsten. I have yet to find one that states the obvious, or attempts to learn any lesson from this. One site compares her to another female left-wing activist who recently traveled to Southern Mexico to express “solidarity” with the Indian rebels. The Indians raped and murdered her and abandoned her body in a deserted cabin. Click Here.

I could go on and on about this. Numerous high-profile “anti-Apartheid activists,” most of them female, have been murdered by the Negros they thought they were helping in South Africa. At least one was from the United States. During the Cincinnati race riots, four white male members of a local Marxist groups tried to join the blacks rioters. One of them is seen in news footage which we have posted on in the past. The leader of their group sent them e-mails telling them to join in and try to get on the news. That way no one could say it was “all black.” Later that night the four were beaten senseless and hospitalized by their new black comrades.