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Sarah Silverman, pro-Obama comedian, booed in London. News Team

Perfect example of Hollywood and the media promoting the leftist stooges over talented entertainers.

Sarah Silverman is a raunchy female comedian who calls American’s the “a$$holes of the universe.” She is engaged to late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Recently she has been glorified and praised by the media for calling on Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida and demand that they vote for Obama. She calls this the “great schlep.” In a now famous internet video Sarah calls Jews “the most liberal” Americans, but says “our grandparents” aren’t so “civil-rightsy.”

Now Silverman performed a live comedy routine in London and has booed by the audience.

From Huffington Post

US comedian Sarah Silverman was heckled on stage during her UK stand-up debut in London.

Fans, who had paid about £50 a ticket, slow hand clapped and shouted they wanted their money back after the star’s short 40-minute set.

After the audience refused to leave, Silverman was forced to give a Q&A session as an encore after admitting she had no other material prepared.

The comedian has her own show on US cable TV network Comedy Central.

Unimpressed fans shouted “you’re over-hyped Sarah” and “I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube”, before the star told the audience to “go home” and the left the stage.

Reviewers from comedy websites and national newspapers were also left underwhelmed by Silverman’s set at the Hammersmith Apollo, which “fizzled out” by the end.