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Volkswagen wants to examine Haider's car for signs of sabotage. News Team

Photo Right: The line to view Jorg Haider’s coffin. Several far left British newspapers called the people “nazis” for paying respects to Haider.

Volkswagon says Jorg Haider’s Phaeton limo is one of the safest cars in the world. VW spokesman Peter Thul says the car’s internal computer behaved incorrectly and may have been tampered with. Volkwagon has sent a team of experts to investigate the wreckage for signs of sabotage.

Jorg Haider served as a populist Austrian Governor from 1989-1991 and from 1999-present. He was a leader of the Austrian right-wing for decades. Just days before his death a coalition of two right-wing parties won 29% of the vote in national elections campaigning on closing the border to 3rd world immigrants. They received almost 50% in the province were Jorg Haider is governor and extremely popular.

The left-wing media in Europe has been absolutely vile. Major newspapers have almost openly celebrated his death and refer to him with terms like “nazi, racist, fascist, ect.” The account of his death from newspaper to newspaper has been very different as well, showing the incompetence and lack of concern for printing actual facts in the major media.

Jorg Haider had left a party right before his alleged one man fatal wreck, but friends say he was not drunk when he left.