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Will Jews vote Obama, despite the possibility that Israel will lose much of it's clout?

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Photo Right: Shai Drom an Israeli farmer under arrest for opening fire on a group of men trying to steal cattle. He was arrested in January of 2007 and charged with manslaughter. A national outcry ensued and Israel passed a law making it legal to use deadly force to defend your property. As American Jews drift further to the extremities of the left wing, Israel gets more right-wing by the day.

(Kyle Rogers)

Months ago Sean Hannity predicted on his radio show that Jews would defect from the Democratic party in mass to vote for McCain over Obama. Hannity thought that Jews you give McCain a solid victory in Florida as well as helping unseat Democrat incumbents in heavily Jewish US House Districts.

While Hannity stated that wealthy Jews in Hollywood were showering Obama with money, working class Jews and Orthodox Jews would be far less enthusiastic to have him as president.

I thought Hannity’s prediction, to at least some degree, would come true. However, even as Jesse Jackson hails the end of “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades” under an Obama administration, Jews seem as dedicated as ever to the Democratic party.

Speaking at the World Policy Forum in France last week Jesse Jackson said that “decades of putting Israel’s interests first”would be over if Obama wins. While I agree that the United States shouldn’t be taking it’s marching orders of foreign policy from a foreign country, the fact that this doesn’t effect American Jews is puzzling.

In fact the exact opposite is happening. In June, Gallup polls showed that 34% of Jews supported McCain. That number has dropped to 22% in the latest poll. 74% of Jews now say they are voting for Obama.

This is the same percentage of Jews who voted for Kerry/Edwards, and nearly as high as the 80% who voted Gore/Liebrman.

Compare this with the political direction of Israel, which gets more right-wing by the day. A coalition of four parties controls the Israeli government ranging from center-right to right-wing Zionist/nationalist. Israel recently halted all immigration from Africa. Temporary workers from Asia are now required to sign away their civil rights to work in Israel. The Israeli parliament has been openly debating the possibility of stripping unpatriotic Arab citizens of their citizenship.

Israel is far tougher on crime than the US. While Jewish papers in the United States are constantly congratulating Jewish politicians for being on the forefront of gun control and gun bans, Israel ranks up there with Switzerland and Texas in gun owner rights. In fact, last June Israel passed the “Shai Dromi” Bill. The Shai Dromi goes even further than the “Castle Doctrine” enacted by Florida, South Carolina, and other US states. It states that Israeli citizens may use lethal force not just to defend their lives, but to defend property. Oh, and this new law. It passed 44-7!

So when I see Forward Magazine, the largest Jewish publication in the world, praising American Jews for championing Amnesty for illegal aliens, I have to compare this with policy in the Nation of Israel.

Are we to believe that only Israel is the only ones allowed to have a right-wing government and seek an immigration policy based on preserving it’s ethnic majority?