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12 BNP members detained, have homes searched, for passing out booklet. News Team

No free speech for whites in Britain. Is America next?

The BNP continues to rise in popularity, there are calls by the government to kick them off police forces, ban them from government jobs, and haul them into court for “hate speech.” But the openly facist, Orwellian actions of the British government are only bringing in more support for the BNP by the day.

Despite increasing election victories and receiving 10% or more in elections all over England, the government sponsored war against the BNP is increasing.

Twelve members are being detained in Liverpool by the Merseyside police department. The authorities have also ransacked their homes. All for passing out a booklet that documents racially motivated violence against whites in England.

This follows the pre-dawn raids against four BNP member’s homes in Blackburn for passing out literature. The raids were conducted at the request of the “National Association of Muslim Police.” Four men were charged with “hate speech” for literature that documents the origin of Heroin in Britian to Islamic countries.

The Merseyside police department is also trying to fire a police office for being a member. The department used means, illegal under British law, to determine that the officer was a member of the BNP.

So great is public support for the BNP that a parliament member from the Labour party recently stated that the Government must toughen up migration laws if it wants to stop Britons turning to the BNP.

Cabinent member Hazel Blears, the Secretary of Communities, stated BNP support is small and only in isolated areas. Then she totally contradicted herself and stated in public that “white skilled working-class voters who feel politicians live on a different planet,” have turned to the BNP. She called for her party members to go door to door in BNP strongholds and win the people back.

Sir Jeremy Beecham, a senoir leader of the Labour party has publically oposed a plan to allow for the public election of senoir police authorities stating that BNP members would “take control of the police” in some cities.

Meanwhile, a top employment law firm has offered free legal help to BNP members fired from jobs for political reasons. Solidarity Trade Union has offered to waive a three month membership period and offer free legal counsel as well.