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Arab Americans angry over Obama's new affinity for Jewish people. News Team

The diversity parade comes to a screeching halt. – by Kyle Rogers

With the naming of Congressman Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, for some, not all, the euphoria turned to despair. – James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute. has been reporting on the bizarre turn of events concerning the complete reversal of support for Obama in much of the foreign media. From Egypt to the Philippines, major newspapers went from enthusiastically pro-Obama to denouncing Obama in only one day. The flip began when Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel is considered a hardline Zionist and was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Iraq war among Democrats in the US congress.

Obama is someone who identified himself as a Muslim at least up until his college years, vowed to support the Muslim world in his autobiography, and attended a “Christian” church who’s head pastor went to visit Qaddafi twice. The Obama campaign was enthusiastically supported throughout the Muslim world and millions in foreign donations (much of which was probably illegal) poured in. Even the destitute Gaza Strip collected $33,000 in donations for the Obama campaign.

Meanwhile major newspapers in Israel, some of which actually endorsed John McCain, are gleefully celebrating Obama’s apparent new found affinity for Israel and the Jewish people. One Israel newspaper ran the headline “Jews in the Palace of the King” just the other day, referring to Obama’s disproportionately large number of Jewish appointees.

Obama has not even been sworn in, but leading papers across the Arab, Central Asian, and South Pacific Asian world are denouncing him with terms like “pawn of Israel,” “puppet of the Israeli foreign lobby,” ect.

James Zogby, a Zogby Polling Company analyst and president of the Arab American Institute, has written a column defending Obama for appointing Emanuel. However he admits that Arabs living in the United States are deeply disappointing and feel betrayed after having campaigned for Obama.

A Google search shows that many American Arab websites are now denouncing Zogby for defending Emanuel.

Zogby, who made a big deal attacking McCain and talk radio for being “anti-Arab,” is actually just another left-wing race hustler. Zogby wants his followers to stay focus on the evil White Christians of the Republican party and not stray from that mindset.

The damn is breaking. The Democratic party diversity love fest is about to implode. It will be every racial, ethnic, and religious group against the other. It won’t be “diversity is our strength,” it will be the tribal politics of “what is the best deal we can get for ourselves.”