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by Earl P. Holt, III

Enough: I will never again hold my nose and vote for the kind of imbeciles the Republican Party routinely nominates as Presidential Candidates, merely because they are offered as “the lesser of two evils.”

The national Republican Party does not deserve our support or our money, and they will get neither from me until the RNC is profoundly reorganized, and every idiot there given a pink slip. It might also help if it were staffed with people who know how to win elections, and whose résumés consist of something more than their being merely the offspring of wealthy contributors.

The GOP may well be beyond the hope of reform, as evidenced by the declining caliber of Presidential nominees each election cycle since Ronald Reagan. (Although, it’s a mystery where they’ll have to go in 2012 to find someone dumber and more clueless than McCain…)
That RNC brain-trust which pursued a laughable and illusory “black Republican” constituency should be the first to go, in light of the fact that Obama received about 99% support from blacks. They should be followed soon thereafter by the idiots who favored immigration amnesty, thus preventing the Republican Party from becoming identified as the party of immigration reform.

For eight years, I wrongly assumed that the November, 2008 Election would be a referendum on immigration, and that even the GOP couldn’t lose with that issue. Instead, those genius “Big Tent” Republicans in New York and Washington conspired to nominate the guy who actually wrote the amnesty bill, once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

Not only did McCain and the RNC betray us on the immigration issue, Republicans also failed to enact any of those reforms they’ve tempted us with in fundraising letters for 30 years, despite six simultaneous years in control of Congress and the Presidency.

All that rhetoric about a Line Item Veto, or Term Limits, or Prayer in Schools, or a Balanced-Budget Amendment, or legislation to end forced busing and race quotas, or laws to overturn Roe v. Wade, was merely false advertising to garner campaign contributions from fools like me, who were naïve enough to believe the RNC types gave a damn about anything but the trappings of Washington power.

Judging from a $3 Trillion-plus Federal Budget, a plummeting dollar and an accelerating price of gold, the Republicans have also proved they are only marginally more fiscally responsible than the Democrats when they are in control.


In my mind, three incidents epitomize the caliber of Presidential candidates that the GOP routinely nominates. The first occurred in the mid-1970s during Gerald Ford’s Presidency, at a reception to honor King Juan Carlos of Spain. In his welcoming address Ford referred to Spain as “Stain,” and acknowledged our gratitude to Spain’s monarchy for financing Christopher Columbus when he discovered America in 1942!

The second incident occurred about three days before the November, 1992 Presidential Election, when George Bush Senior was lagging significantly behind Bill Clinton in the polls, and was well on his way to an ignominious defeat.

No doubt armed with the usual brilliant advice from the RNC types in Washington, Bush went on the offensive. The television network “hook” that night was that “George Bush Gets Tough,” and sure enough, the video portion showed President Bush Sr. with his sleeves rolled up, his collar unbuttoned, and his tie loosened, no doubt in order to mesmerize all those blue collar voters who get the vapors whenever an elitist politician dresses down for TV. The media then aired a sound clip from Bush Sr. that is reprinted here, verbatim: “…and if these bozos (meaning Clinton and Gore) are elected, we’ll be up to our elbows in Spotted Owls.”

Now any time a Republican officeholder shows some guts and stands up to the insanity of the environmentalist lobby — which gave us $5 gasoline earlier this year — he or she deserves some credit. The only problem with his statement is that it was Bush Sr.’s own Interior Secretary, Manuel Lujan, who declared the spotted owl an endangered species and I don’t think Bush even knew it!

The third incident took place during the 1996 Presidential Campaign in the second televised debate between President Clinton and Republican nominee Bob Dole. In his usual inarticulate way, Dole fumbled his attempt to raise the issue of the parade of leftist judicial nominees Clinton had sent up to the Senate for confirmation in his first term. Somewhat clumsily and out of context, Dole managed to sputter the question: “What about all these Clinton judges?”

Now any time a Republican has the courage to raise the issue of leftists receiving federal judgeships with life tenure, allowing them to visit mischief upon the Constitution whenever they feel like it, that fact merits applause. The only problem here was that after four years of Clinton judicial nominees, Senator Dole had voted to confirm 71 of 73 of them…


Pat Buchanan once remarked that if the Democrats offered a bill to burn down the Capitol Building, the Republicans would offer an alternative amendment to phase it in over three years. He hit the nail right on its head, and in so doing, inadvertently captured the essence of the McCain Presidential Campaign. (McCain’s “inspirational” campaign slogan really should have been: “I’m not quite as bad as that other guy.”)

Most readers of the Citizen’s Informer don’t need to be told about McCain-Feingold (the greatest assault on the First Amendment in our history,) or McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for Illegals,) but here’s one that may have escaped your attention: On the day of the North Carolina Primary, McCain was there giving a speech about how important it is that he be elected, because he would appoint “conservative” judges. The only problem is that he was one of the notorious “Gang of 14″ in the Senate, who opposed many of President George Bush Jr.’s conservative judicial nominees!

It also transpires that McCain’s “brain trust” at the RNC threatened both the Tennessee and North Carolina Republican Parties with censure because they had the audacity to use Barak Hussein Obama’s middle name in political advertisements. Since the one bright spot in the McCain Campaign was Sarah Palin, Obama’s three Moslem names outnumbered just about every other reason to vote for McCain.

The usual suspects at the RNC who, in 1976 and 1980 preferred Gerald Ford and George Bush Sr. to Ronald Reagan — the man who won 94 states and the Cold War — are the same imbeciles who contrived to nominate a guy who is so dumb, he thinks the elite news media are his ally and assumed they would give him a fair shake during his campaign. McCain, himself, may have been spared the usual invective reserved for Republicans, but that’s only because the news media were too busy attacking Sarah Palin and serving as a public relations firm for Obama.

For example, Barak Hussein Obama declared on the campaign trail that he had “campaigned in all 57 states.” Readers may be unaware of this gaffe unless they are regular listeners to Rush Limbaugh, because the news media will hide idiotic statements by liberal Democrats, and finish their sentences to make them look good. However, contrast Barak Hussein Obama’s gaffe with the publicity given former Vice President Dan Quayle’s misspelling of potato, and you have some inkling of the disparity in treatment regularly accorded the two political parties by our “fair and objective” news media..

This might not seem like a big deal, since every conservative in the nation, and most Republicans understand the profound dishonesty and utter bias of a news media dominated by Zionists, nigroes, communists, homosexuals, feminists and idiots. Yet, it had particular significance for the 2008 Presidential Election.

You see, most Republicans consider their audience to be people who work for a living, pay taxes, and raise families: Yet for 20 years, “maverick” John McCain has routinely betrayed this constituency and tried to garner favor with the Washington Press Corps by carrying water for leftist Democrats.

More than anyone, McCain reminds me of Shakespeare’s Richard III, who betrayed the entire House of York by murdering family and friends in order to usurp the throne, but was, himself, betrayed when abandoned by his own forces and killed at the Battle of Bosworth. McCain’s 20-year betrayal of the conservative movement, the Republican Party the Framers of the Constitution and the American people precipitated his own abandonment and defeat on November 4th.


I never dreamed that even a nation of dolts, gamblers, borrowers and personal injury plaintiffs would elect a phony nigro with three Moslem names and a Marxist agenda, no matter how much nigro voter fraud occurred on Election Day. Yet, even though we have witnessed a real political catastrophe, it is not the end of the world, because democracy is a dynamic and fluid phenomenon and this country is quite resilient.

After four years of an Obama Presidency, even Jimmy Carter’s reputation may be resurrectable, because Obama will have made even Carter look statesmanlike. Every policy initiative Obama proposes will make the economy significantly worse. After four years of an Obama Presidency and Democrat control of both Houses, I predict 15% inflation, 10% unemployment, and the Dow- Jones at about 6000.

I also think it is inevitable that we will experience another significant terrorist act. The good news is that the people who voted for this guy will be the hardest hit, and rightly so! It may also bring politically-apathetic, but essentially conservative blue-collar types back into active participation in the political process, a phenomenon that is sorely needed after several election cycles in which they have grossly abdicated their civic responsibilities.

Don’t forget: Were it not for the incompetence of Jimmy Carter, we might never have seen a Reagan Presidency, and the Cold War would still be a reality. Perhaps fate required that Obama win in order for conservatives to reclaim the GOP, and purge the idiots, neo-cons, moderates and compromisers from the party like Christ cleansed the money-changers from the temple. If not, then the GOP’s prospects are about the same as those of the dinosaurs.

It may very well be that the Republican Party will resist reform and is Hell-bent on self-destruction: If so, it will have to achieve that end without my support, and it will definitely have to do so without my money!