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Death toll could reach 300 in Bombay, gunmen may only have numbered 10. News Team

“I was told to target whites, preferably Americans, and British,” says captured gunman in Bombay massacre.

As the death toll goes over 200, only ten gunmen are accounted for. There were originally thought to be twenty. One was captured alive. The gunmen wore high dollar clothes and communicated with blackberries. Each had a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol, and eight grenades. They may have set off some kind of bomb in the Taj Mahal Hotel.

The gunmen also carried a large supply of dried fruit and took chemical stimulants to stay alert during a long siege, which lasted three days. Indian authorities now say that most of the people believed to be hostages were actually killed on the first day.

The gunmen were apparantly trained in the Pakistani controlled portion of Jammu-Kashmire. The mountainous, isolated terrain is a terrorist/guerrilla fighters dream. They left Karachi, Pakistan unarmed by bought. A second boat brought them weapons. Before reaching Bombay, they were actually boarded by the Indian Coast Guard. They killed two members of the coast guard. They highjacked a second small boat near Bombay, killing as many as five more people.

Links to Muslims living in Britain.

The captured gunman has admitted to being a member of the “Army of the Righteous,” a Pakistani based terrorist group that has killed hundreds of Indians and bombed the Indian parliament in 2001. While the Army of the Righteous is denying responsibility, one of it’s Indian chapters warned police of the attack last year. Many Islamic terrorists groups issue warnings of attacks first, believing it gives them spiritual absolution.

The Army of the Righteous is also believed to be receiving funds from Islamic radicals living in Britain. Indian authorities now say that an intercepted phone call shortly before the attack links the terrorist group to British funding. Two years ago, a British man was sentenced to nine years in prison for providing funds to the group.

Scotland Yard, dismissed rumors that some of the gunmen may have actually been British citizens.