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Germany says "race and ethnicity" of crime suspects can not be published! News Team

The Phantom of Heilbronn.

Political correctness has gone completely insane in German. Authorities have numerous DNA samples of a female suspect connected to violent killings. While it is widely speculated that the woman is a Gypsy. German authorities forbid publishing the woman’s “race and ethnicity.” They would rather the public remain in danger of a violent killer, than risk stigmatizing any ethnic group.

Police have been tracking a female super-criminal for 15 years in Germany, Austria, and France. She was involved in the murder of a female police officer. The shooting of another officer. The murder of three Georgian immigrant car dealers. An attempted murder of a Gypsy by his brother.

An Iraqi and a Somali were jailed for the murder of the car dealers, but the woman’s DNA was also found at the crime scene. Her DNA has also turned up at almost a dozen break ins, several auto thefts, and a mugging.

Authorities have collected DNA samples from 3,000 women in half a dozen European countries.

However, despite 20 DNA samples, German authorities are not allowed to use the DNA to narrow the search. In Britain, police already use DNA tests to immediately identify the race of an unknown suspect from DNA left behind. In fact new tests have begun that can determine the most propable hair and eye color.

However, German authorities have their hands tied.

From UK Guardian…

In the shadow of a Holocaust in which genetic pseudo-science became a handmaiden to genocide, there are strict limitations on DNA records held in Wiesbaden. Only the full details of individuals convicted of serious crime can be added to the database. And so far, at least, the Woman Without a Face is also a woman without a criminal record.

There are limits, too, in the aftermath of Hitler’s glorification of his blue-eyed, blond-haired ‘master race’, on what kind of scientific questions can be asked of the DNA samples that have linked the Woman Without a Face to the far-flung crime scenes. Race and ethnicity are off-limits, as are eye and hair colour.