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Is the sun setting on America? News Team

Exit polls showing 95%+ of blacks voted for Obama and 70%+ of Hispanics voted for Obama.

Bolstered by rapid third world immigration, America seems to be marching toward a single-party dictatorship.

Evidence of cheating in black district is strong once again. In 2000 and 2004, we saw inner city black precincts turn in their results dead last, causing a large swing for the Democratic candidates at the last minute. This phenomenon was so important in 2004 that the mainstream media talked about it, but refused to discuss the possible causes.

In Virginia, McCain had a strong lead most of the night until the precinct count hit 90%. Then McCain suddenly dropped 5 points giving Obama the lead. In Indiana, McCain held the lead all night until the precinct count hit 90%. Then McCain dropped 2 points giving Obama a razor thin lead.

The reason for these last minute swings is the predicatable phenomenon that overwhelmingly black precints turn in their results last. One possible reason is that poll workers are simply going through the voter rolls and voting people Democrat who didn’t show up. Keep in mind the massive registration fraud that went on before the election. ACORN is now under 14 different investigations for fraud. ACORN worked primarily in overwhelmingly black inner city precincts. So besides the registered voters who didn’t show up, potentially large numbers of fictional voters are registered in these precincts.

Has widespread fraud been perpetuated in these inner city precincts for years? You be the judge.