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Left-wing hag, Joy Behar of the The View, says "a lot of homeschooled children are demented." News Team

The View a daytime talk show that is notorious for featuring a number of extreme left-wing women as co-hosts. Co-host Joy Behar is known for her vicious anti-Catholic, anti-White, and anti-Conservative diatribes. Not to mention her outlandish Republican party conspiracy theories.

Joy Behar was a school teacher in Brooklyn, who left teaching to be a stand up comic. While Joy still uses the name of her Jewish ex-husband, she is actually Italian herself. Part of her regular stand up comic act is to call herself the “honorary Shiksa non-grata,” and say that everything mistakes her for being Jewish because of her extreme left-wing views. “Shiksa” is a derogatory name for a non-Jewish woman in Yiddish.

A recent issue of The View shows just how hateful and full of animosity that left-wingers really are. Behar says “a lot of homeschooled children are demented.”

[youtube 6slZ4Fps6Bo]

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