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Left-wing playwright says America suffers from "origin sin" for never giving black Slavery reparations. News Team

The continued (yawn) assault on white Christian Southerners. – by Kyle Rogers

Members of the Negro race who live in the United States have the highest standard of living of any members of their race anywhere in the world. Far higher than any majority Negro country.

Paula Vogel, a celebrated left-wing playwright, says that Charles Dickens Christmas Carol needs a multi-cultural update. Her new play is a spin off in which the Scrooge character learns who evil racist white southerners mistreated blacks. She says American suffers from “original sin” until we give blacks slavery reparations. The trillions spent on welfare, forced integration programs, public housing, and other programs apparently don’t count.

Vogels touts her “Civil War Christmas” as family friendly. After all, indoctrinating the children with this poison is always the number one goal of the far left. Previous plays by Vogels have been about incest, prostitution, and AIDs.

Vogel, who is half-Jewish, forgets that her Jewish ancestors living in the South were seven times more likely to fight for the Confederacy that Jews living in the north. After the Civil War, Northern Jews were widely stigmatized as being “unpatriotic” and engaging in war profiteering. Maybe she should write a play about the heartless Northern Jews making money as cut-throat cotton merchants, but not joining the army and risking their lives to help free the noble Negro.

But alas, only white Christians are to be the subject of scorn. Hypocritical frauds like Vogel are to be celebrated for their insane far-left propaganda.