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Let the infighting begin!

by Kyle Rogers

When you promise everything to everyone in a multi-racial society, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

It has begun. The entire Arab media, and some of the Asian media has already gone from enthusiastic Obama supporters to denouncing Obama as a pawn of the Israeli foreign lobby. After two years of preaching against the war, Obama names the most prominent pro-war Democrat in congress as Chief of Staff. Then he rushed to the aid of the most prominent pro-war Democrat in the Senate and ordered the Senate majority leader not to strip him of his committee chair.

For all his pledges of change, Obama picked corporate elites and Wall Street big shots for his economic transition team. Many are the same people Clinton, Bush, or McCain would have picked. One person, Warren Buffet, was even named by McCain as someone he’d pick during the campaign.

Now let’s watch some real nasty infighting begin. The battle over which minority group should get what. Obama already gave blacks and Hispanics the cold shoulder on his economic transition team. Out of 17 slots, one went to a token black, and one went to a token Mexican. Ok, Roel Campos is referred to as a “Latino,” but he looks 100% Southern European to me. By my count, Obama’s economic transition team is 12% non-white. Not very pro-diversity if you ask me.

Now, look at this editorial from CBS national news. Click Here.

CBS columnist Bonnie Erbe hypocritically calls Bush “no friend of women,” but points out that Obama is slated to fill only two top cabinet positions with woman compared to the seven that George Bush had during his second term.

The Democratic presidential campaign was based on “I deserve more, I suffered more than you, I’m being cheated, Your getting a better deal than me.” When everything is “me, me, me, how much can I get for myself,” combined with a multi-racial, multi-religious country with a huge foreign born population, you are going to have some serious infighting.

The biggest in fighting, however, will be the war. White liberals are about to be crushed, when Obama takes office and then completely ignores the war issue. Or even worse, opens a new front against Iran. Obama was touted all over the world as the guy who was going to reform American foreign policy and take a more balanced approach in the Middle East. Based on Obama’s choices so far, I predict he his foreign policy will be a repeat of the past 16 years.

The question is, will white liberals take to the streets and protest America’s first black president as they did Bush?