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Note from the webmaster on Obama citizenship. News Team has been closely following the story concerning Obama’s refusal to show anyone his birth certificate. We would like to point out that the staff at believe Obama has misrepresented his past and/or been outright dishonest. The “mainstream” media has given Obama a complete free pass and even covered for Obama.

1) While in college, Obama traveled to Pakistan using documents that said he was an Indonesian citizen and a Muslims. Obama was caught lying about the events, but the media gave him a free pass. The media gave him a free pass. Obama claims that his connections to Indonesia and Islam ended at age 10 when his mother shipped him to his Grandmother in Hawaii. However Obama refuses to allow public access to documents from his college years where he may have identified himself as an Indonesian instead of an American.

2) Obama’s Kenyan Grandmother has in the past claimed that Obama was born in Mambosa, Kenya. Not the United States. Obama has refused to produce a birth certificate, and has even filed several motions to fight lawsuits requesting that he be forced to produce his birth certificate. The government of Kenya, for their part, has banned foreign journalists from hunting for documents related to Obama. Jerome Corsci was even detained by the Kenyan military and transported to the airport and told never to come back when he attempted to visit a Kenyan Mosque, which may contain records of Obama’s birth.

3) Obama has publicly claimed to have never been a citizen of Indonesia at all. Also a lie. Indonesian documents prove that Obama was a citizen of Indonesia until age. Indonesian law does not allow for dual citizenship, so his under Indonesia law he would have been exclusively a citizen of Indonesia.

4) According to those who have filed lawsuits in at least 11 states now, Obama would have been a “naturalized US citizen” at age 10, not a “naturally born citizen.” Assuming proper immigration laws were followed. However, since Obama refuses to release his documents and the state of Hiawaii has frozen access to his documents, it can not even be confirmed if Obama’s mother and grandparents actually used proper immigration procedure when he came to Hawaii at age 10.

However, the has numerous lawyers as members. These members do not believe that any evidence or findings will actually bar Obama from being president. Especially now, with Obama being the president-elect. First the Supreme Court has to elect to even hear a case concerning Obama’s citizenship. The Supreme Court may simply refuse to hear the case.

Even if the Supreme Court decides to hear it, they can assign any definition to “naturally born citizen” that they please. We know that courts, especially the Supreme Court, are supposed to be wholly unbiased, non-partisan, and unaffected by public opinion. However, the reality is much different. Whatever facts comes out during any Supreme Court hearing may in fact severely embarrass Obama, but it is unlikely that the Supreme Court would disqualify him.

We present this information, so readers do not get the wrong idea. Possession is “9/10ths of the law,” and as president elect it is unlikely that the Supreme Court will disqualify him for any reason.

This is not to say that people shouldn’t continue to pursue legal avenues to get at the truth. It is our opinion that the media is covering for Obama and this needs to be exposed and investigated fully.