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Obama offers pro-war Democrat, chief of staff job! News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Obama taps Chicago buddy for Chief of Staff that is considered controversial among both Democrats and Republicans!

Less than 12 hours after Obama was declared the winner by media outlets, he has already shocked many of his supporters. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat who supported Bush on the war, has been offered the position of Chief of Staff by Obama.

In the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, Emanuel was the only Democratic congressman from Illinois who voted in favor of the Iraq War. The other 9 all voted against.

In 1991, Emanuel served in a Civilian-Volunteers program in Israel. He performed maintenance on Israeli military vehicles. If the US is to continue it’s role in the “Middle Eastern Peace Process,” Emanuel’s close affinity for Israel will be seen as a conflict of interests by any Arab countries the Obama administration attempts to negotiate with.

Like Obama, Emanuel has controversial family members. His Israeli born father was part of the Irgun militia that conducted terrorist bombings in the British controlled Palestinian Mandate in the 1940’s.

Speculation has been raised regarding the connection of Emanuel’s Congressional election success to convicted former Chicago water department boss Don Tomczak.

The newspaper USA Today reported in late January 2007 that Emanuel failed to disclose that he was an officer of a family charity, a violation of law requiring members of Congress to report non-profit leadership roles.