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Obama selects pro-Censorship Clintonite for Attorny General News Team

The man at the top of Obama’s list for attorney general is being touted by the media as the would be “first African-American attorney general.” Eric Holder, like most “African American Leaders” is a light-skinned Mulatto.

Holder was Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General. Holder, who was originally appointed as a Judge by the Reagan administration had maintained a reputation as a political independent. In the final days of the Clinton administration he hurt his reputation by supporting the presidential pardon of Clinton financier Marc Rich.

Holder has a dark side. He is a major advocate of censoring the internet.

Countries like Belgium, England, and Germany have censorship laws and almost every application of the laws has been against right-wingers. In Belgium it is now illegal to even publish crime statistics by race, so as not to “unfairly stigmatize any one group.” In England radical Islamic groups post violent diatribes on the internet with impunity, but members of the BNP have been dragged before the courts on “hate speech” charges for calling for a crackdown on Islamic immigration.

There is no question that restriction on free speech by the Obama administration would be used almost solely against people on the right side of the political spectrum.