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Police torture BNP member, tell protestors they can't fly British flags because they are offensive. News Team

The Mercyside Police Department in England is totally out of control. First they fired a police officer for being a BNP member, using illegally obtained information. Then, at the request of the Muslim Police Association, they ransacked the homes of thirteen local BNP members and arrested them for “hate speech.”

One of them was tortured when he refused to co-operate and give fingerprints.

A group of BNP members have been protesting in front of the police department with British flags. They were ordered by the police to cease displaying British flags on the grounds that the flags were “offensive” to the local immigrant community.

The thirteen political detainees have now been released.

Members of the Labour party have openly called for totalitarian measures against the BNP, including the firing of all government workers who are members.

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