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Striking lack of white gentile males on Obama's team. News Team

White gentile males make up nearly a third of the United States. What percentage of the Obama administration will their account for?

After all of Obama’s talk about change and ending the war, he picks all Washington Insiders, many of whom were pro-Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. Former first Lady under Clinton.

Eric Holder to be Attorney General. Former Clinton official. Like Obama, Holder is a Mulatto but referred to as “African American” by the media.

Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. Also a Mulatto like Obama, but described as “African American” in the media. Powell admits to being an :affirmative action” general in his autobiography. The past three Republican presidents all appointed him to high level spots. However, Powell stabbed Republicans in the backand endorsed Obama because of his race. Powell was a major supporter of the Iraq War.

Rahm Emanuel to be Chief of Staff. Former Clinton figure. Major Democratic cheerleader for the Iraq war and a hardline Zionist. Orthodox Jew. Maariv daily, one of Israel’s largest newspapers, described Emanuel with the headline “Our Man in the White House.”

John Podesta, leader of the Obama transition team. Former Clinton official. Spent the last several years trying to obtain the released of secret UFO documents he alledges exist. Jewish.

David Axelrod listed as a “Senoir Advisor.” Former Advisor to Hillary Clinton. Jewish.

Patrick Gaspard director of political affairs. Ex Howard dean adviser. Black.

Valerie Jarrett senior adviser of intergovernmental relations. Half Black and Half Iranian.

Tim Geithner to be Secratary of the Treasury. Former Clinton official. Geithner is listed as Jewish in several foreign newspapers. However, a relative told the media that he is from an Episcopalian family, but is non-religious.

Bill Richardson to be Secretary of Commerce. Former Clinton official. The son of a Nicaraguan banking exec and a Mexican City socialite who was born in Spain. Right before Richardson was born, his mother raced to California to give birth so he would have US citizenship. Richard was raise din Mexico City and then sent to an expensive prep school in the United States at age 13.

Janet Napolitano to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Former Clinton appointed US attorney. Italian. Methodist.

Tom Daschle Secretary of Health and Human Services. One of the few people Obama has picked for a major spot not directly connected to the CLinton administration. Also one of the few white Christian males Obama has picked for anything. Roman Catholic of German Decent.

Ron Klain to be chief of staff for Al Gore. Former chief of staff for Al Gore under Clinton. Jewish.