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Tensions soar between Pakistan and India after attack. News Team

Indian government officials blamed Pakistan for the sophisticated attack by an unknown Islamic militia. Pakistani officials and Indian Muslims accused the Indian government of turning a blind eye to radical Hindu militias who have also killed thousands of people over the past ten years.

Indian and Pakistan have fought numerous wars. First in 1947, again in 1965, again in 1971, again in 1999, and they nearly went to war during a standoff in 2002. There has also been steady internal violence inside India. In 1992, Hindu radicals torched Islam’s most holy Mosque in India.

The death told in this week’s attack is up to 119, including 5 of the terrorists. Over 300 were injured and an unknown number have been taken hostage. One group of terrorists is holed up in a Jewish Center in the Indian commercial and tourism capital were the assault occurred. The Jewish Center apparently holds Orthodox Jewish services for Israeli tourists and businessmen. India has close ties with Israel and is major destination for Israeli tourists.

The gunmen appeared reported demanded to see the passports of tourists at three luxury hotels, and were hunting for American, British, and Israeli tourists to take hostage.

Both India and Pakistan now have nuclear weapons, due largely to the proliferation of technology from China and Israel. India, Pakistan, and Israel are the only nuclear powers who have not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. North Korea signed the treaty but later withdrew. Only one nation has every built nuclear weapons and voluntarily dismantled them. South Africa built and tested a nuclear weapon during a secret joint nuclear weapons program with Israel. Several former Soviet Republics have voluntarily dismantled or given up nuclear weapons inherited by the former Soviet Union.