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The “Mainstream Media” has been caught in yet another grand fabrication. The Obama campaign has been pushing hard for voters to participate in various early voting programs and absentee voting. We have all seen the 24 hour news networks showing lines at early voting stations. The media has deliberately skewed the reality by going to heavily black areas and just showing lines of black people preparing to vote for Obama.

Many of the news reports are deliberately orchestrated to create the illusion that early voters for Obama have overwhelmed early voters for McCain. This is a media tactic, similar to “push polls.” The object is to help Obama by making McCain supports think McCain doesn’t have a chance and stay home and not vote at all.

While a record number of 1.2 million votes have been cast early in Florida. The reality is much different than what the media has presented. 50% of early votes have come from registered Republicans, 20% from the Undeclared, and only 30% from Registered Democrats.

AOL News has suggested that the vast numbers of Registered Republicans stationed overseas have voted. Something the media has conveniently ignored.

The media is not supposed to invent the news for the purpose of helping a political candidate. The media is supposed to report the news. Sadly we have seen more fabrications, sensationalism, exaggerations, and outright lies than actual news lately.

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