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After crying about Bush for eight years, Democrats want to emulate him. Only on a grander scale. – by Kyle Rogers

After eight years of complaining about tax cuts and stimulus plans under the Bush administration, major Democrats call for out-Bushing the Bush administration.

Obama economic advisers Austan Goolsbee and William M. Daley says Bush did too little with his economic stimulus plans. These advisers, along with Democratic Senators are now calling for a $700 Billion stimulus plan. A plan that would be equal to the amount of money being spent to bail out the banks. Not counting the $150 billion extra in pork barrel spending attached to the Bailout bill.

Suddenly, everything we were told Bush did wrong, we are now being told Bush did too little. The solution, according to leading Democrats is to craft a Bush style economic stimulus package, only multiply several fold. Apparantly Bush was on the right track, he just didn’t think big enough according to these Democrats.

President elect Obama appears to be on board. After pledging to immediately cancel Bush’s tax cuts, he now says he’ll hold off for a while. Apparantly Bush’s tax cuts weren’t as bad as Obama claimed they were during the campaign. Obama now feels it would be the wrong time to cancel Bush’s tax cuts. Two months ago, before he was elected, it was the right time. I guess we missed the window.

For all his cries of “change,” the Obama economic team is about 1/3rd ex-Clinton people, and 2/3rds people that McCain would have picked himself. No one on him team has put forward any original ideas so far. The economic policies pursued by Obama will likely be the same policies pursued by Clinton and Bush. The same socialist housing policies that brought our financial market to it’s knees are still being pursued.

Democrats want to know, what new scheme can we concoct to get unqualified people into houses they can’t afford. Rather than abandon a lost cause that has already done so much damage, Democrats will pursue even more reckless and socialist economic ideas.

After crying about the Iraq war for six years, all the sudden it’s “well, we have to stay for at least three more years.” Apparantly Democrats weren’t so anti-War after all. It’s funny how Democrat anti-Iraq War sentiment reached a fevered pitch during the 2006 campaign season then waned sharped afterward. Then, like magic, it reached a fevered pitch during the Democratic Presidential Primary. Now that the election is over and Democrats won, anti-Iraq War sentiment has disapeared overnight. In fact, Democrats will only continue Bush’s foreign policy. Just look at Obama’s cabinent picks so far. Several of his picks where Democratic cheerleaders for the Iraq War.

Obama pledged to repair America’s image overseas. The leading criticism of US foreign policy around the world is that our Middle East policy is too lopsided in favor of Israel. Based on Obama’s cabinet picks, his administration could be even more pro-Israel than even Clinton or Bush.

For the next four years under Obama we can exspect a repeat of the past 16 years. More spending on all fronts. Massive borrowing to pay for the spending. Looting of funds like Social Security to pay for all the new spending. The transfer of federal spending to the states through unfunded mandates, which will cause nationwide state income tax, sales tax, and property tax increases. Even more foreign deployments and entanglements. Socialist housing schemes that will continue to wreck the economy.

Obama – Change we will never see!