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Actual JTTF Task Force Flyer News Team

Report all “super-patriots,” “white nationalists,” and “common law proponents” to JTTF? Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department says “no.” Click to enlarge.

The flyer you see at is an actual real JTTF flyer printed by the Phoenix office of the FBI. It was so outrageous, so obviously ominous, so chilling to the bill of rights, that Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office refuse to distribute them!

A member of the St. Louis CofCC contacted the Sheriff’s Department named on the flyer.

According to Terry Chapman of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office — whose name is on the flyer as the MCSO contact — the FBI created the flyer and printed the MCSO and Attorney’s Office before the text was approved. He said it was created as a full color brochure to hand out to officers, not for the general public — and that as soon as he saw it, he urged them not to use it, knowing it had some problems.

“The flyer never got off the ground,” said Officer Chapman, “but it did
manage to make it’s way out — and maybe it’s right that it did.” He genuinely
didn’t like this piece of junk, and he showed true concern about my issues with
the flyer, too. “We were not happy with it. It was formulated, I think, for
legitimate purposes, but it fell on stony ground because of the way it was worded
— the unfortunate profiles that were put in there outraged a number of people
who received it.”

By the way, aren’t Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and about a hundred other professional black race hustlers “urban riot agitators?”

Notice the crossed hammers at the bottom left-wing corner. This is the symbol for the world famous rock-band Pink Floyd. Tens of thousands of people own t-shirts, posters, and stickers with this crossed hammer logo because they are fans of the band Pink Floyd. The flyer would instruct law enforce to identify these people as “potential” terrorists. Nice detective work FBI!!!!