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Food stamp dependancy out of control. News Team

Food stamp dependency is totally out of control in the US and bankrupting many states. Nationwide, food stamp dependency is at 10%.

Food stamp dependency grew 17% nationwide last year. Much of the increase came from people who were already eligible, but had not participated in the past. However, the increasing immigrant population also played a major role.

From the 2004 Survey of Income and Program Participation, U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division.
(The rates are even higher now, but more recent data is not out yet)

Parentage of mothers with a birth in the past year participating in public assistance.

Black: 62% !!!
Asian: 49% (Hawaiian Natives, Alaskan Natives, and Native Americans are included.)
Hispanic: 48%
White: 24% (Immigrants from Middle East and Central Asian also counted as “white”).

Overall 34% of native born mothers with a birth in the past year were on some form of governmental assistance. Among foreign born women it goes up to 38%.

Among mothers who youngest child is over 1, the number drops to 14% for white women. For black women it is still 38%. This is almost three times the rate for whites. Whites are greatly underrepresented in overall percentages of participants in government assistance.

The odds of a black mother aged 15-44 receiving government assistance is 40%. Almost three times higher than whites.

A 1993 report by the same agency showed that black and Hispanic mothers on assistance had more children than whites on assistance.The 2004 survey has less information about race than previous years. Under an Obama administration the collection of government data along racial lines is likely to suffer more.

Among those who receive food stamps, a staggering 75% also receive other benefits.

Ironically, several studies have shown that people on food stamps are more likely to be obese than those not of food stamps.