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Jeb Bush insults white people. News Team

Jeb Bush, George Bush’s brother who is married to a Mestizo woman, attacked the Republican party base in a recent speech.

Jeb stated “We can’t be the old, white guy party” and called for recruiting minorities to run for office as Republicans.

During the Democratic presidential primary some of the most well known and trotted out Republican blacks and Hispanics defected to the campaigns of Bill Richardson and Barack Obama. By the end of the general election, virtually every single celebrated black Republican had defected to Obama. All chose racial tribalism over loyalty to the party that made them a success.

Even Colin Powell, who served in three Republican presidential administrations largely because of racial pandering by Republicans, stabbed McCain in the back and endorsed Obama.

To claim that the GOP need to recruit a whole new crop of affirmative action candidates, just so the cycle of stupidity can continue is beyond moronic. Some “Republicans” never learn.