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Jewish Power News Team

Jewish chauvinist Forward magazine wants you to know that we are all equal, except for liberal Jewish people who are several times more equal than everyone else.

Forward Magazine, the largest Jewish publication in the world, boasts in their new issue “New Congress Has Record Number of Jews.” They even boast that there is now two “openly gay Jews” in congress. Most are Democrats and many are on the extreme left-wing, much to the delight of Forward magazine.

From Forward Magazine…

When the new Congress debuts in January 2009, a record 45 Jews will take the oath of office: 32 in the House of Representatives and — regardless of the outcome in the still-contested Minnesota election — 13 Jews in the Senate.

Among the three newcomers to the House are a young, gay, multimillionaire entrepreneur; a seasoned veteran of New Jersey’s rough-and-tumble politics, and a wealthy attorney who poured $2 million of his own money into a raucous campaign that now gives him the right to say he represents Mickey Mouse.

And even with all that, the record is bittersweet for those who work to elect Jews to public office. Some high-profile races fell short: Losers included Ethan Berkowitz at the hands of longtime Rep. Don Young in Alaska, blind rabbi Dennis Shulman in New Jersey and Josh Segall in Alabama.

But those who won bring along their own share of news. Jared Polis, 33, a multimillionaire Internet entrepreneur who will represent Colorado’s 2nd District, is the first openly gay non-incumbent male to be elected to the House of Representatives. (Barney Frank — who, notably, is also Jewish — came out after serving several terms.)

Forward magazine is an openly left wing publication, which champions open borders and numerous other left-wing causes. The magazine hypocritically champions Jewish chauvinism, while demanding that Christians concede everything. They scream for “tolerance,” yet actually ran a column a few years back that called the wearing of crucifix necklaces “anti-Semitic.”