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Mother of rapist/murderer screams at victim's family in court. News Team

Photo Right: A 13 year old girls friendship with a 20 year old black man leads to pregnancy then murder.

Mother of convicted rapist and murderer shows no remorse as she screams at victims family during sentencing.

Elgin Robinson was sentenced to life in prison for hiring friends to kill a 14 year old girl he impregnated while she was only 13. He was also charged with kidnapping and raping a child under 14.

Robinson hired two black friends, aged 17 and 51, to carry out the murder.

Showing no remorse for the victim, Robinson’s mother had to be forcibly removed from the courtroom for screaming at the victim’s family.

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According to the American Nurses Association, femicide (murder of a female by a male intimate partner) is a leading cause of death among young black women. The association reports that white females who have relationships with black males suffer the same high rate of femicide as their black counterparts. Black males are over 8 times more likely to murder an intimate partner than whites. Read More.