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Obama picks radical (white-looking) Latino activist to placate NCLR. News Team

Obama’s joke “Latino” director. – by Kyle Rogers

Photo Right: Left-wing, open borders advocate Cecilia Muñoz. Her parents were from Bolivia’s upper class and obviously had little, if any, Indigenous blood. This is Obama’s third major “Latino” appointment, of which all three look much more Caucasian than Indigenous Amerindians. She was raised in a white neighbohood in Michigan and has zero in common with the Mestizo radicals she represents at NCLR. No one ever said professional race hustlers couldn’t be total hypocrits.

Obama’s new director of Intergovernmental Affairs will be Cecilia Muñoz. She is a long time professional race hustler for the NCLR, the National Council of the Race (and they don’t mean the human race). Muñoz is a hardline open borders advocate, who has spent the last several years demanding amnesty for illegal aliens.

NCLR financially subsidizes Mecha, a militant Chicano student group with chapters at hundreds of high schools and colleges. Mecha openly calls for the creation of a new Chicano nation carved out of the southwest United States. They call this future nation Atzlan. Mecha idolizes the Aztec, the most infamous and violent pre-Colombian culture in Central America.

Just days ago, Chicano leaders threatened to abandon support for Obama if he did not appoint more “Hispanics.” Great animosity exists between Negros and Mestizos both south of the border and in the southwestern United States. A growing portion of the murders in Los Angeles county are now interracial murders between blacks and Mestizos.

Over two thirds of American blacks say they want the border closed and immigration reduced in national polls.

Muñoz parents were from the white dominated Bolivian upper class. Multi-culturalism has completely collapsed in Bolivia in the past year. The president of Bolivia, an Amaya, has starting plans to institute a Zimbabwe style land grab. White farmers have been arming themselves for possible attacks from tribal radicals. Santa Cruz, the largest and most prosperous state where much of the white minority lives, is on the brink of secession. A recent ballot initiative calling for “greater autonomy” for Santa Cruz, meant to stop anti-white persecution from the federal government, passed with a staggering 82%.

The irony runs deep. Muñoz undoubtedly has white relatives in Bolivia right now who are bracing themselves for possible attack from the same brand of Marxist, anti-white “Latinos” she race hustles for in the United States.

Photo Left: The fair-skinned face of “Latino” race-hustling. If Muñoz moved to Bolivia, she would immediately become the enemy of the same radicals she represents in the United States.