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President of Gambia: I can cure AIDS! News Team

Official government websites and state sponsored newspapers are hailing President Jammeh as a hero for developing an effective cure for AIDS.

The alleged cure is a combination of herbs. The treatment was developed in conjunction with a team sent by the government of Cuba.

President Jammeh claims that the first 13 test patients have all be “cured,” but warns that they can still be re-infected.

Jammeh says that Gambia can only afford to heal 1,000 people at a time and wants “philanthropists” to donate money.

Jammeh also claims to have developed cures for asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases.

Jammeh’s claims are still more believable than many other African leaders. Numerous African leaders (as well as Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright) claim AIDS was “invented” by the white man to kill blacks. While some in Africa still claim that AIDS doesn’t even exist. These people claim that AIDS is a myth invented by whites to stigmatize blacks.

Also, in numerous African societies, it is believed that sex with a virgin can cure any disease. Each year in Africa, vast numbers of young girls are raped in the name of curing AIDS.