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Ringleader in racially motivated gang rape & murder to be executed in South Carolina. News Team

Execution set for tomorrow for ringleader in South Carolina’s most notorious racially motivated murder.

In 1992, three black men kidnapped a white woman. Then gang raped, and tortured her. They invited two more black males friends over to join in the gang rape, telling them “we captured a white woman.” Two of the rapists black girlfriends even watched and cheered them on.

Her body was found on the side of a highway shot five times. A note containing anti-white racial slurs was attached to the body. Four of the black men were quickly arrested and told police the savage crime was payback for “racial oppression.” They claimed ringleader Gardner told them, “my news years resolution is to kill a white b*tch.”

Gardner was put on the FBI’s ten most wanted list and captured two years later. Now sixteen years later, Gardner is set to be executed for being the gunman.

The following people were convicted of felonies.

Joseph Martin Luther Gardner (triggerman)(death)
Matthew Carl Mack (life) eligible for parole 30 years – involved in a riot
Matthew Paul Williams (life) eligible for parole 30 years
Danny DeWayne McCall (6 years)
Roger Williams (5 years)
Craig Rice (accomplice) did not participate, but learned about crime, did nothing
Edna Lee Jenkins (suspended sentence)
Indira Simmons (suspended sentence)