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SPLC fundraising hustlers issue new free magazine. News Team

Review by Kyle Rogers.

The new issue of the misnamed “Intelligence Report” is out. Part of the radical left-wing SPLC’s never-ending fundraising hustle. The group has now amassed $150 million in assets and pays outlandish salaries and benefits to it’s top execs.

Last issue, the SPLC was denigrating the American Legion for being “xenophobic.” Other enemies the SPLC free magazine rails on are Young Americans for Freedom, the Minutemen, Pre-Vatican II Catholics, public enemy #1 Lou Dobbs, and too many others to even list. Of course, every single issue for years has mentioned the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Lets see, wait for it. Wait for it. Yes, the Council of Conservative Citizens is attacked in this issue. What would the SPLC do without us! They’d have nothing to write about apparently.

The primary focus of this issue is FAIR. Federation for American Immigration Reform. By all accounts a 100% mainstream organization, which routinely hosts US Congressmen at it’s events. In survey after survey a majority of the US population, both among whites and blacks, want the border closed and legal immigration reduced.

By the way, the president of FAIR is Jewish and has a racially diverse national board of directors. Gee, some hate group they are. I wonder if any SPLC donors actually verify any of the claims.

This issue rails against such evil racists as Peter Brimlow, Jerome Corsci, Jared Taylor, and John Tanton. Apparently these men are re-establishing the 3rd Reich and only large donations to the SPLC will stop them.

What is particularly humorous is that the rag magazine complains that Tanton once received a $12,500 grant from some foundation. This is far less money that the SPLC takes in from their doomsday fundraising letters every single day!