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Thugs go on violent rampage. One thug barks at bond judge. News Team

Five Negro thugs held Delray Beach, Florida hostage in a series of violent robberies and shootings. In one attack, they robbed a Dunkin Donuts, then fired shotgun blasts at the customers after they had already gotten the money. Five people were injured, aged 50-94. The crime spree includes two murders, with several other people seriously injured.

One of the murder victims was Vietnamese, who was shot in the back in a random attack. Another victim is a white 84 year old WWII veteran, who was shot in the face with a shotgun and lost part of his jaw. Several other victims were also elderly whites. With the information available all the victims appear to be whites and Asians. All of the thugs are black.

One of the thugs barked at a bond judge instead of answering questions.

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