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"Youths" (media code for non-white immigrants) show no remorse in gang rape of 14 year old British girl. News Team

Photo Right: Immigrant Ghetto where gang rape occurred.

“Officers insist that this is not a race issue, simply a reflection that most gang rapes take place in the most deprived boroughs, which have disproportionately high ethnic populations.” – From Left-Wing UK Mail.

A group of nine teenagers from Caribbean and North African immigrant families have been named in the brutal beating and gang rape of a 14 year old white British girl. The perpetrators video taped part of the assault to show their friends. The girl was moved twice, and gang raped in three different locations before it was over.

The girl was abducted by members of a gang while walking home from school. Then taken back to a stairwell in the school, where the kidnappers began calling their friends to come join in on the gang rape. As many as seven more “youths” were waiting in line for a turn to rape the girl when a lone 14 year old boy fought his way through the crowd and rescued her.

The girl was targeted, because she previously resisted the sexual advances of one of the gang members.

The story has received major coverage in Britain, but the media has concealed the race of the perpetrators. The British media has been identifying the perpetrators as “youths,” an increasingly common media code word in Europe for non-white immigrants. More information came out this week when seven of the boys went to trial. One of the rapists was only 13. He was a Jamaican. At least two women witnessed the gang rape, but kept walking.

In the same neighborhood a mother was also gang raped in front of her own children. The attack was videotaped and posted on the internet.

Brutal gang rapes by immigrant gangs against white women have exploded all across Europe.