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Zimbabwe: Fewer white people equals more misery. News Team

The International community stood by silent as white people in Zimbabwe were brutally murdered, stripped of their land and assets, and driven out of the country.

With all but the last few whites gone, Zimbabwe is in a state of absolute misery and getting worse each day.

Suddenly Jimmy Carter, Gordon Brown, Condoleza Rice, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, and other world figures and NGOs want something done about Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe. When Mugabe was sending out his army of thugs to murder white people, none of these hypocrites cared about what Mugabe was doing.

Now the prime minister of Kenya wants the international community to provide troops to remove Mugabe from power.

From ABC Australia

As Zimbabwe’s humanitarian crisis grows, Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called for foreign troops to be sent into the country to oust President Robert Mugabe.

Repeating his previous call for Mr Mugabe to step down, Mr Odinga urged the African Union to hold an emergency summit to formulate a resolution to send troops into Zimbabwe to deal with the crisis.

“We must not fail the dying people of Zimbabwe in this hour of their greatest need … we must assist them to end this vile dictatorship, we must beg them not to despair,” he told a news conference in Nairobi.

Mr Odinga accused other African leaders of shaming the continent by failing to criticize Mr Mugabe.

His comments came after Britain’s Anglican Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, used a column in a British Sunday newspaper to also call for foreign troops to be sent to depose Mr Mugabe.

Writing in London’s The Observer newspaper, he said “Mugabe and his henchmen” should face trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“President Robert Mugabe was right when he said only God could remove him. That’s exactly what happens. No tyrant lives for ever. No cruel regime lasts. God acts. And he is acting. An international chorus is at last being raised to bring an end to Mugabe’s brutal regime,” he wrote.

“The time for any negotiated settlement which leaves Mugabe and his regime in power is over. Mugabe has had the opportunity to share power and to restore the land that he brought to ruin. Instead, that path of ruination has become a slope falling away into a humanitarian disaster.

“The time has come for Mugabe to answer for his crimes against humanity, against his countrymen and women and for justice to be done. The winds of change that once brought hope to Zimbabwe and its neighbors have become a hurricane of destruction with the outbreak of cholera, destitution, starvation and systemic abuse of power by the state.

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Incidentally, Odinga claims to be a first cousin to Barack Obama. President-elect Obama once went to Kenya to campaign for Odinga. Obama has not commented on his relationship to Odinga. However Obama’s father was from a privileged family with close ties to corrupt and violent government officials.