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3rd World Detroit. News Team

Dead body goes unclaimed and unretrieved in 3rd World Detroit.

More information on mystery corpse from a reader.

E-mail: Hey, I visit the site everyday, and love the fact that you guys get your facts straight, and put out no bs news. But there were some errors in that Detroit piece. I live here in this hellhole, but, just to let you know…

He might of been homeless, might of been a murder victim, or just some guy that fell in the shaft. I take pictures of urban decay here all the time, and when a bum dies, the bums know. There are about 30 of them that live in that building alone. But none of their bum friends are dead this winter. Also, people do play hockey in this place all the time, and this is the kicker you guys missed, the cops and fire department were called. 3 days in a row! And not just by some people playing hockey, by a reporter for the Detroit News! 3 days it took before the city finally acted, and this guy warned them he and the paper would run this front page if it wasn’t taken care of.